Friday, March 20, 2020

Food on Friday: Frozen Biscuits

I thought that I'd share our families #1 reason for buying cream from our local dairy is: making our own frozen biscuits!
 (we "knead" & pat them out in wax paper, so there's less mess/easier clean up, and cut them in squares- so no odd shapes to deal with)

 OH, you can freeze them in a single layer or stacked with wax paper in between! 
     The baking time is usually the same frozen or not: 10-11 minutes! 

~Happy eating!


AAC14 said...

Adrienne, what is P and E cream? I Googled it, but am totally perplexed.
Sincerely, Alyssa

McKee Family said...

I'm sorry Alyssa! P&E is the name of our local dairy! Any cream will be fine! =)