Thursday, April 17, 2008

Resources for you!!!!

Robert and Nancy Hutchins with Rehoboth Ranch in Greenville, have beef, chicken, pork, lamb, eggs, and goat milk. (We buy our chicken, and some pork from them.) they also have an organic produce co-op every other Tuesday. The co-op is a share arrangement, we each get a box with our share, half share or full share, we get the full share.

Debbie McKee in Campbell, has a Frontier Co-op, Frontier natural products sells everything from household products, personal care, herbs, spices, supplements, some food items, etc. We order every odd month. Prices are wholesale and we just charge a small percentage. Mom and I also sell homemade bread, organic jams, soaps, etc..

Wes and Kelly Adams in Ladonia, sell grassfed/pastured beef.
We buy a split quarter from them each year, you can get really good smoked sausages, breakfast sausage, no additives, etc. as part of your meat.

Mike and Connie Hale are in Campbell, also sell chicken, beef, lamb, & eggs.

Mark Ganske is in Yantis: He has a organic raw milk dairy. They will also offer slow heat pasteurized milk also. The milk is about $6.00 a gallon. This is a government inspected certified dairy. They will have yogurt, cream and butter available as well.
Contact information for the dairy is 903-810-7153. He tells me they should have their web-site up soon.
If you want to educate yourself on the benefits of raw milk go to

"I have been following the recent attacks on raw milk, and I am shocked by yet another affront to the liberty of the people. I am also a fan of Ron Paul, so I thought I would forward this link on to you and your people. It is not surprising that Dr. Paul is the one who has introduced this bill to protect the rights of people to choose their food. " ~Stacey

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