Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pudding etc.

This moth is bothering me.

How to make the perfect pudding.

1. Use the recipe from More Make Your Own Groceries by:
Daphne Metaxas Hartwig

2. Do Not try to wash dishes or any other similar activity while you are cooking pudding - it results in a not very good product. (strange lumps)

3. If you are not careful enough when you mix the eggs in, you will end up with scrambled eggs - then your male family members may refuse to eat “that stuff”.
And Mom will say, oh.

4. But 2 heaping teaspoons of instant coffee added at any point (before it is cool) WILL hide a multude of sins! (and imperfections in your dairy product)

5. If you own them, you must always put the “Opt. Butter & Vanilla” in!

6. You Must Always let the pudding cool down some before you put your extracts in - or else it will curdle.

7. Cover your pudding while it is still warm with waxed paper or plastic wrap - get out the bubbles!

Alas and Alack! I failed to follow steps 2 & 3 - but I did do all the others. And listen to this - I never eat warm pudding, and I never (well almost never) eat it straight out of the dish - but I did both of those abominable things today. (I guess that it has to do with being home alone) Mom had the camera with her so there is no “photographic evidence”.

I had started out with Butterscotch and it morphed into coffee - again!

But the good news is that if you can make Pudding then you can make Ice Cream, but don’t tell my Dad……

Did you know that I hate moths?

At the same time of the pudding episode, we were listening to 2 CDs. (okay one and then the other) The first was Duncan Holmes’ Live & Alive! which is on some kind of “Permanent loan” from the Rockett Family as they passed through years ago. It was only listened to once or twice at the time (now I know why) and was then stored away in my dresser drawer ‘till now. (as a side note Angus hates the song “Topaz”.)

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: If a Rockett or some other desiring person wishes to be the new keeper of this CD then we can see about arranging it! (I only liked a few of the songs - Home on the Range was the best.)

So we ended on some good notes: CD #2: Deep in the heart of TEXAS favorite songs of the Lone Star State. (click here)

I just killed that moth!

Please forgive me for such a lengthy and boring installment …..I don’t even know what possessed me….

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