Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Notes from Minneapolis

Our trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota. (5am on Aug.31 to 3am on Sep.4)
How did it go? Just fine. All’s well that ends well!

Atticus rode with us and we stayed with a home school family while we were there. The best things about the trip were beating Atticus’ strategy to win Battleship - David had taught me that you never play that way & had broken me of that habit really fast! That was great! =)
Meeting his grandparents - they were really nice & fed us venison, but the cherry on the top was Chloe - Atticus’ 2 week old niece!!!! I held her as long as I could. You betcha! =)

Matt from San Antonio really knows how to make a person feel old! He asked how old I was - I told him 23, and his face fell. He says; Oh. I was hoping that you were 22/my age. Mom said something like that’s not much of a difference - but then it came out that he was really only 21. (Except for little children I have never seen someone so visibly disappointed with how old I am.

Aimee Allen was good but I think that her You tube was better. (I have never been with a group of guys so “dead gone” on a girl before & am not sure if it is funny or not.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBCKMTo210k

Everyone from Texas who was supposed to attend the Summit came - some states did not do well getting there. As a side note: if you wish to torture a dyslexic person just put them on registration detail and then in charge of tickets - I almost made it all day, I did try. I did fine ‘till Texas came to get their tickets.
Imagine looking up from scratching off a person to find yourself surrounded on 2 sides with Jeremy, Jana, Dustan, Robert, Robert and more asking for block of 35 seats and handing you a list to make sure that you mark off everyone and charge you with not losing it because it is our only copy! (I did not lose it which resulted in high fives from Dustan.) Well I did get in trouble, and Jeremy did say that he was sorry. I was a damsel in distress. Thankfully I was able to get help! (the guy looked like Justin Y.)

The number one problem that CFL had was doing things alphabetically instead of by state.

The very best thing about being there was meeting Dr. Paul for the 3rd time and he remembered me! =) At the Summit they had a photo shoot and we were to be fast - no talking/shaking hands or signatures. I got a big smile, a happy handshake & how are you? =) After which I went over to say hi to Wayne & Donna Paul and talk to Mr. & Mrs. Simpson.

The funniest thing was scaring Atticus on Monday morning! They had got home late Sunday night, Mom & I did not get to sleep until 1:30am, then she and I got up 4:40am. Mom and I were almost ready (we had to leave at 6) and Mom had called Atticus’ phone 2 times with no answer so I went to wake him up - I hardly touched his arm, he started to move and Mom called again so I turned to leave - anyway I scared him and he in his Daddy Voice said “What are you doing up?” (or out of bed - something like that) I told him that we where getting ready to leave etc… But he was so funny and I could not enjoy it ‘cause we had to be so quiet. =(

The worst things were getting into the Target Center and witnessing a lady fall off the sidewalk into the street while we were waiting for the train to leave downtown after the CFL Rally.
I felt so invisible sometimes - I am just Debbie’s daughter and even then not even that. I got to read A Black Explorer At the North Poll - that was nice.

Did you know that if a person in the front seat is able to knock out a cold it will land on the person in the back seat? I have not ridden exclusively in the back seat on a long trip since 1999 - but how could I have done otherwise?

We were driving through some fields and someone said this is milo. So I said I wonder if there is any Otis around here? Atticus then quoted the Fox’s tail quote. (very well I might add)
I was paid a compliment on Sunday night by the lady of the house - I was told that I looked like “Miss Betty Homemaker”! (I was quite cute if I may say so in my scalloped denim skirt, yellow button down blouse, red cardigan sweater and red with blue flowers retro-style apron.)

I also really enjoyed having a brother for a few days - thanks Atticus!

All quotes are approximate - I did not take notes along the way. =(
I had better stop now - I am sorry to have bored you so long. If you want to know anything else then you will have to ask.

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Unknown said...

Excellent report! Wish we could have spent more time together. Always good to see you when we got to these things. It is a lot like family reunions.

Blessings to all,