Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello everyone!
I thought that the anti-curfew people had very good points, and Councilwoman Angela Hunt had very good things to say. Funny and logical! This was my first experience with Mayor Leppert and I must say that I don’t care for him and you Dallasites have my sympathy. =) It was disappointing that it was not a very full house. I mean I know that people do have to work, but there were not even a lot of families there. Oh well.

Our point (that it would be a crime to look young while out-of-doors in Dallas*) was proved when Councilman Mitchell Rasansky gave me a children’s goodie bag before I left. Apparently he thought that I was a little kid on a field trip, and ought to be IN school between the hours of 9am to 2:30pm!

Some of you just don’t understand - I am not trying to make anyone feel old. You just look your age, or at least older than 17! =) No proprietor is going to either turn you in or ask you to leave their store. No police officer is going to apprehend you and ask for your papers and or take you off to some school without telling anyone. I’m sorry that I am not like Rob, but this just does not sound like fun to me! Although they did make me more mad than stressed out this afternoon, and momentarily I thought “What could I do to make a statement if this passed?” But it did not stay long. =)

To end on a lighter note: (from what I could hear) our jokers in the back were funny…(Jarrod &Chris)
~Adrienne McKee

*What’s odd is no one got up and made that point….

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