Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Our house - the second post

Welcome to our house!
This is the front...


.....this is the back.

Front/side over to the shop and driveway.
This is the sun/family room.....
.......this is the same room - taken from the other side. =)
Mom and Dad's bathroom - the sink was supposed to be a pedestal sink, but Dad made a cabinet for it instead!=) (wall-hung toilet)
Oh, and Dad did really, basically all of the tile work himself! What a handy Dad I have! =)
The Sparest of Spare Bedrooms - AKA:guest room...wanna come over?
My/guest bathroom.
Theses are not your regular holiday lights - they are the pretty non-holiday lights - the kind with the clear plastic star/flower thing that makes them shinier...(is that the right word?)
My bedroom is purple(white iris), the sink area is blue(Icelandic), & the closet is green(I don't recall what the name is). Everything else is West Highland white. =)
My sink. We were with Aunt Vivi, when we got the side light for $5.00 at a garage sale on Swiss Avenue in Dallas. We think that that is very interesting! =)
(they had put in new doors, and this was leftover - just hanging around waiting for us!)
...Our family photo this year - aren't I cute?

Would you like Dad to do your job? He is a remodeler/builder and does custom woodworking/cabinets/furniture!

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