Thursday, July 09, 2009

I made this purse little while back,
(but just got the ribbon to finish it)
after my dear Dad for the first time in my life,
informed me on the way into an event that
my purse did not match anything that I was wearing.
Very unlike himself!
(It was my lovely little cherry purse,
that he and Mom gave me for my birthday a few..or more...years ago)

So I was going to make this one plain jane denim,
and (I will admit it) I had a “I’m standing up on the inside” thought -
to make the lining a lovely surprise, and out of a soft orange,
(that I got from the Lyons years ago...)
that I would probably never wear, & that would never show!

~wow...that was long-winded~
~this will go with me to Nevada~
"Stop being good Republicans.
Stop being good Democrats. Start being good Americans."
Aaron Russo


Unknown said...

Very cute, Adrienne! I really like it. :) The orange is very 'you'!
Like the laundry bag, too.

McKee Family said...

This is from Sarah:
The purse is really cute. : )
I really like orange things.

And I think it would be fun to have a craft blog to document everything cute that you make(hint, hint).