Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The following is for entertainment purposes only...

Well, I feel like Miss Bella Wilfer, (from Our Mutual Friend) I don't care for people "speculating on me!".....As of yesterday I have had 5 "matches" suggested to me or for me. =[

1. the first was a few years ago. A relative told Mom about the fellow & brought him to meet me. (and he has since married!)

2. Not long after, at a meetup a friend of ours asked my age, and then proceeded to tell me about his sons....(that actually was the most subtle)

3. Man number three: last year Mom was talking politics with a friend on the phone and our friend said that she knew a nice Christian boy who was really active in politics.....

4. On Saturday at the rally a perfect stranger says hi, I'm so-and-so. I said that I was Adrienne, Debbie's daughter, and she asked if I was home schooled, I said yes, and she said we home schooled too! How old are you? I told her, and she got excited and said that their son was my age!!!! (I left as quickly as I could!)

5. And then yesterday one of Mom's "tea party" friends called her up to chat about some local stuff, and then to tell her about his grandson(who is a very good boy) and to ask if I was like her, and wondered if I could talk to the boy on the phone, or e-mail or something...hmm....Mom told him that we don't do that dating stuff, so her friend tried to think of another way- like maybe G-son should write to mom? And maybe he should give us a photo....

Oh well, I try not to begrudge people their long as they don't go too far, and I have never had to tell any poor boy that he was talking to the wrong person!
I am still safe and sound and free! =)

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