Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Julie & Julia

Mom and I watched Julie and Julia last night. (with a filter of course (click here) I found it a very happy and yet at the same time a rather sad movie. I wished that I could have watched it with Mary, Elizabeth & Sarah too...that would have been fun. And Mrs. Lauer would love it! =)

We had previously watched a documentary thing on Julia Child- she makes me think of my self: tall & awkward, did not really seem to fit in and not good at any thing. Who ended up taking up cooking for the fun of it. (Julie on the other hand was already a good cook who just took it to the next level!)

So far I am doing what I was born into, and yet not very well. I just don't have a thrill or much of a desire to do it or to get better at it.... When people say "So what do you do?" I would like to say something rather than nothing. (I do not tell people that I watch too many movies, and try not to say that I love children's books)

All that I know that I do well is dishes and laundry.

Oh help dear void! What can I do?
I want something to do- to be good at- I don't need to be famous. Just content.

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Gallagators said...

Adrienne, please don't say things like that about your self. (only doing laundry and dishes (reasonably) well....not good at anything etc.) They are SO not true, and not a good kind of mindset you want to be in the habit of having about yourself. YOU are an amazing and talented person. There is no one else like you, and God has something for you to do that ONLY you can do. You will find it. You must keep looking. Sometimes you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone to follow His leading. Follow Him where He leads. He has so much for you to do. You are loved!