Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hosted our annual New Year's Tea Party, and for
the first time ever, got to use most of my tea set at the same time!!!

My set is only made up of 4 colors:
Sunflower, Peacock, Scarlet, and White...

...and mostly seconds.
It makes it more interesting that way, and
I get more dishes for less money! =)

I love Fiestaware- made in the USA,
not nearly as breakable as china(!), and lead-free. =)

I collect Silver-plate Spoons...almost no two alike.
My older brother got a bunch for me. I love the engraved/stamped ones- it is fun to wonder about the hotel, school, restaurant, or family that it came from,
and wonder about the history of that spoon.

Yes, I will admit that I forgot to take pictures of my guests. =(

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