Monday, February 28, 2011

MSG & Me

I made a big pot of soup last night, out of some beef broth I found in the freezer, that was marked "BBQ".

It tasted really good, but I noticed that while I ate it I shook like I was having a blood sugar problem, and was not filling up, so I ate some more, and some more... then my chest/heart started to hurt/get tight, and generally weak muscles. (arms & legs, but not as bad as my last encounter)

Mom said to not eat any more, and to throw it out. =(

Evidently there was some MSG in the broth. I was fine later in the evening- but today I have 2 of my other symptoms- cranky (but not as emotional as I could be), and acne. =(

All the same, it was so sad to throw it out.

After all that work....and the good veggies & beef....sigh...

This was my 4th MSG episode, the first time I said "that was weird". The 2nd time I said "must be the MSG", and the 3rd time was an accident- I did not read the package before I ate, and that time was the worst reaction.


Needless to say, this is the reason that I don't eat

at Chick-fil-A, Long John Silvers or Chinese buffets.


The interesting thing is that I was telling my older brother about this, and he found it very interesting, because he had watched this TV show, called something like "1000 ways to die".

It was about the (more or less)strange things that people die from, and one of the stories was a man that had a heart attach because of a reaction to MSG.

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