Wednesday, May 04, 2011

GAPS "cake" variation #3

So just as a quick note really, I wanted to tell you that when I made my "cake" this week, I did not add any water to my carrot puree. So it was a lot thicker. =)
I also used 4 whole eggs instead of the combination that I used in the past.
And I increased the Cinnamon to 1 teaspoon.
And I used about 5 & 1/2 oz of fat.

You want to know what the best part is?!? I baked it in 2 large glass loaf pans (for the same length of time), instead of a 8inch pan, so EVERY piece had a outside edge!
~And instead of just 4 corners, I now have 8!!!!~
The only draw back is that you have 2 pans to grease. Oh well, I think that it is worth it! =)

~Happy eating!

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