Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wave #3


I got mentioned in a blog post, over at =)

".....Then there is Adrienne, the sign wizard!!!
I couldn’t believe it when I pulled up that she had made me a sign supporting And it looks GREAT!!!
I consider myself fortunate to know Adrienne and her mom (also in attendance). They are good old-fashioned Americans that see there is a problem in America, and they have dedicated themselves to trying to fix it. They are patriots at heart and Dallas is fortunate to have their support...." (Read the whole post here.)

Thanks Spencer!

Spencer & I

Some of the crowd. There were about 20 of us all together! =)

Kevin (nice sign!)

Cute young family, Gary & Rachael.
Even the baby had a little "Ron Paul" t-shirt! =)

Some of the guys...


Chris & Allison (and Spencer)

The sisters: Michele & Regina

The Dallas Observer stopped by, and took photos & talked to us.
Click here for the article...

LinkBeth and Mom!


This pic was taken @ the debate watching party,
I'm just tacking it to the end of this

My 'Ron Paul' playlist: (I am open to suggestions of songs to add)

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