Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What fun...

....New sheets! =)
...I like the "sunshine effect" that my bed spread has...

As the weather was getting warm earlier this year, we were shopping at Goodwill for sheets and blankets to turn into a quilt for a Romanian Orphanage, and they had a BRAND NEW "Nick & Nora" (from Target) twin size flannel sheet set...just for me!

I never cared much for flannel sheets (using them at friends houses), because I wear flannel, and so that results in the Velcro effect- no fun. But I think that I'll use these in the fall and spring, when I'm not wearing heavy PJ's and don't really want a bulky blanket...I think that it will work. We'll see how that goes! =)

And just because I am talking about sheets, how about listening to "Dream"?
I just listen to this youtube, I can't watch it 'cause Roy Orbison
gives me the creeps (sorry, that's just the way it is)
...but I think he sounds great!

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