Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Cream" Soup

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"Cream" of Broccoli (& a few homegrown green-beans tossed in too) Soup with sauteed fresh, home grown organic squash & EV olive oil.
My quick recipe:
I just cooked one bag of frozen
(Costco) organic broccoli (or about the same quantity of other veg) in one tub of good homemade chicken broth, with a lot of butter, garlic, salt & pepper, added some extra gelatin. Stick-blended it, and called it done! (NOT a real Cream soup!)
The dressing is homemade Cranberry~Apple Sauce* (made with butter, cinnimon, stevia and a bit of xylitol), mixed with EV olive oil. And the whole thing is topped with organic home-roasted peanuts and Costco's bacon bits. (The lettuce is Costco's organic baby lettuce.)

*the apples were organic, but not the cranberries
The next time I made "cream" soup, I made 2 kinds at the same time:
1. Broccoli (organic) -Carrot & TOO much fresh garlic
2. Cauliflower (organic) & organic ground & toasted Sunflower seeds

Soup number one was not so good, but too many veggies for the amount of broth...
Soup number two was REALLY good! So, I mixed them both together, and got a reasonable tasting soup. We jazzed it up by adding some of those Costco Bacon bits, and Tillamook cheese (also from Costco) to each serving! Dad wanted everyone to know that that is paint on his fingers, NOT soup!

~Happy Eating!

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