Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving decor~

Thanksgiving is coming up fast, what are your decor plans? Do you want to know what we saw at Target yesterday?!?!

An old fashioned paper "honeycomb"/pop-up table top turkey (and for only $3)!!!
(he looks like this bird, click here)

I wanted it so badly, and Mom offered to buy it, but I said no...I'll just dream about Tommy The Table Top Thanksgiving Turkey*!
If we were hosting Thanksgiving at our house, or I had little kids, I would have said yes! But we are going to Papa & Grandma's and I KNOW that Tommy The Table Top Thanksgiving Turkey* would never fly. That kind of thing is sooo NOT Grandma.

But if it is your kind of thing, hurry down to Target and bring your Tommy The Table Top Thanksgiving Turkey* home for Thanksgiving! (He would live with your family for years!)

*Tommy The Table Top Thanksgiving Turkey, is the name that I gave him, not the name on the package.

(as an after note: Mom and I went to Wal*mart, after the holiday, and they had a whole flock of paper Turkeys! They weren't on sale, but they were only $1.25ish, so I bought 2. =)

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McKee Family said...

Cute post, sweetie!

Mom (who really would have bought it for you, we could always use it next year.....)