Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy Dance!!!

You may ask your self, "What are Adrienne's jeans doing on the floor?" and "Why did she take a picture of them?!?!"
Listen, and I will tell you the story...

This is my dear old jumper~ you may remember it - gathered skirt, big pocket on the front...I got it at Goodwill (years ago)! It was starting to look tired (years ago), and then the little clippy thingy in the back tore out. And it was laid to rest in a basket, in the sewing room (for years)...waiting for some one to rescue it, before someone came along and trashed it. (a little bit like the 'Velveteen Rabbit' story)

Enter Lilly: the Dear Old Sewing Machine!!! (start humming the theme to your favorite 'The Lone Ranger'!)

Yea!!! The save was made, just in the nick of time...I cut the skirt off, and apart, and re-cut it using my current favorite skirt pattern! (one of the ones that I drafted) Sorry for the funny face, I was thinking, and trying to contain myself!

Nice save Lilly, now I have a new "house" skirt! (I did not hem it, I just ran some stitching around to keep it from fraying too much.)

I took everything slowly, and prayed a lot and the waist and zipper went in SO well! I am so happy!!!

Oh, and did I mention that I even made some Red Cotton Bias Tape? I think that it was a fun addition...I mean, I could have just folded down the denim. But what fun is that?

Instead of having a bunch of vague New Year's Resolutions
(okay, so I do have a few...), I am making my big NYR's month by month!
And I must say: "So far, so good!" ! =)
January's is the Sewing Room. And so far, I have managed to wreck most of the house, but the Sewing Room looks MUCH better! But "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" so, besides working today, I have mended 1 skirt, finished another re-do skirt, that I started in the summer time, and made this denim skirt!
Now~ to get back to work, this room will be done by the end of the month,
even if it kills me! (Don't worry, Mom is helping me!)

So, my pants are off because I am wearing my new skirt, doing the Happy Dance. =)

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