Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year - 2012!

Last year was the best of years and the worst of years... Did Dickens write something like that? Oh, well...that's the kind of year it was! =)

Some Blessings from 2011:
*The Lord and I are better Friends this year!
*I have experienced great Spiritual growth
*2 personal victories!
*Dad has had work
*Mom and I are closer than ever before, and great friends now, instead of just friends.
*The Animals are healthy
*Plenty of Food & Clothes
~and many more~

Top 8 posts in 2011:
1.The Summer of No Pants #1
2.Mrs. Schatte's Party~
3.Gaps "Cake" Variation #2
4.Our Weekend in Austin...
5.To give away one's heart or not.
6.Happy 29th Anniversary...
7.A Letter To Girls I know...

My New Year Resolutions:
1. My Diet
2. Move in (to the best of my ability)
3. Go to Bed on time
4. Get up Earlier
5. Get a Job (make some money)
6. Re-Learn the Piano
7. Get some Courage & Bravery
(that last one sounds like something from The Land of OZ....)


Our New Year Party:
We exchanged gifts, ate too much,
watched the last of the Firefly episodes, drank bubbly water, I did a sparkler, we listened to Auld Lang Syne (during a group hug/slow dance)!

Dad had 2 emergency calls, so it was a rough, late night.
This bracelet was my big present from my Parents...

(Heather, over at The Silver Artisan (click here) ,
made it custom- just for me!)

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Anonymous said...

I too have a new year resolution, Hug More, kiss more, and let the chips fly!!!!! Love you my dear sweetie