Saturday, January 28, 2012

The sewing room is done!

My January Resolution was: moving into the sewing room, and organizing all my sewing stuff (and Mom's stuff): THIS month! I am for all intents and purposes done now.
This is the first time to sew anything in our sewing room at this house...I'd been sewing in the front hall, in the living room and even at the kitchen table.

Hi, Adrienne! What is your first project in the "new room"?!

~it's an ironing-board cover! How fitting! Mom was a trooper, and strung the elastic for me! And how sad: I forgot to take her picture.... =(

If you want us to make one for you, I could do that...out of this fabric or some other!

And I must say that I am sorry (& embarrassed) that it took this long to get around to actually moving into the sewing room. A song for you:


McKee Family said...

We went to see Riders in the Sky in Paris, Texas a few years ago. It was a fun concert, although not my favorite type of music. =) We drove a rented, creamy white PT Cruiser, our car was in the shop. Just you and me, kid, lots of fun! It was one of those bonus concerts we had free access to with our entertainment series tickets!

Oh, and thank you sooo much for all your work on the sewing room this month. I have done a lot to take up your slack, I hope you've noticed!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...


Your sewing room looks lovely! It's such a blessing to have a tidy, well-organized space in which to work. It always helps me accomplish more if my area is clean!



Anonymous said...

It looks so awesome!!! Great job! I love the built in shelves. Your dad does incredible woodworking. I just got out my serger & sewing machine 2 days ago, this was the first time in months! I miss having my own sewing room but because I have 2 sew in the liv room it keeps me cleaner. :0) I really love the ironing board cover. Sew very adorable!!! The print is definitely appropriate ;0)