Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Something new~

I bought this adorable (Gund) Pooh Bear at Goodwill (I almost never buy stuffed toys at Goodwill, 'cause you can't clean them), but I just could not leave him behind!! So for $1.99 he became mine. =) I put him in the freezer for 2-3 weeks and now Pooh is free to live with me, as any creepy-crawlies are dead! I think that this poor bear spent his previous life on a shelf. So sad....but that also means that he was clean and more than ready to come live with me! =)
See the pretty broach pinned to the pillow?! That was a surprise present that came in the mail from my brother Benjamin, today! It is so lovely- Thank you Benjamin! I am hoping to wear it to the Bonnie Blue Ball (http://sincerelysouthern.org/) in February!

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