Sunday, January 22, 2012

We were all ready for church...

...and the car would not start. =0

I could not help thinking, "Why, Lord? I really wanted to go to church today!"

Then I had a convicting thought: I was more excited to see the people*...than I was to go worship my Heavenly Father.

Sigh~ I am so sorry Lord. Thank you for showing me my faults...I will work to correct them.

(I posted this because I am a fallible human, and I need humbling sometimes. Well, okay I'm sure that I need humbling more often than I care to admit.)

So, I listened to: Love is the Key to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
And then we listened to: The Cup of Curses and Blessing

*I had a big pile of letters, cards, gifts, returns, and well wishes to give out, as well as party/get together dates to set.... =(

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