Monday, February 06, 2012

Sewing room part 2

Some of the more interesting parts of the room:

Each tin or container has things in it- 1 for Rick-Rack, 1 for bindings, 1 for ties, 2 for old family buttons, 1 has old buttons from a client of Dad's, 2 for zippers, 1 for my new buttons...and the list goes on! =)
The other end of the shelf....

My section of the under ribbons, sewing machine, and MOST of my "crafty stuff":

And the rubber stamps, patterns, encapsulating stuff, Mom/family crafting stuff, and construction paper(!) live in the top half, and the batting, pillow forms, tissue paper/ribbons and bows and some "gifty" stuff are down below!

Not pictured is the sewing desk, which is in the center of the room. It has 4 filing drawers (2 facing each side), 1 for colored pencils/art stuff, 2 for current projects...(one for each of us...just sweep them into the drawer and go!) and 1 for computer manuals & programs, etc... The desk also has a smaller drawer on each side for necessities. You know like the sewing machine extras, manuals, and pins, etc, etc, etc! =)

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McKee Family said...

Nice! I wish my part was done already! But I will work hard on it today!!!! (The filing cabinets!)