Thursday, March 08, 2012

Baking Thursday~ 1930's

Mom found this book years ago at a bookstore while on a date with my brother Benjamin, he may have bought it for her...I don't think that I/we have ever cooked anything out of it. But I thought that you would enjoy seeing some of the things it has in it! =)

(remember, you can click on a photo to bring up the large size & a slideshow)

I baked these yesterday, for a friend who is having dental work done.
....Okay, so I really made them for her family! =)

I doubled the recipe, and the only thing I do differently is that I use almost half & half milk & oil.
And sometimes I use quick oats.

This "cooky dropper" is the best invention for making muffins...and the mid-sized one is perfect for mini muffins! =)

They smell like really good waffles....I wonder what changes I would have to make in order to do that?
...the sad thing is that I over mixed and over baked them...I think that they would bounce if dropped! =) But they would be great in a bowl of milk, for "cereal"! =)

I always thought that Jeepers Creepers was a Sesame Street song, lol!
Ladies, I give you Artie Shaw in 1939:

~Happy eating!

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