Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Random Wednesday~ 1930's

Fiesta Dinnerware debuted in January 1936. Read the Wikipedia article HERE.
I am so glad, because I LOVE my Fiestaware, and to get to talk about it in the first week is fun! =) I am building my set with only 4 colors: Sunflower, Peacock, Scarlet, and White. I do hope that I will be able to get all the pieces I need before they start discontinuing my colors!

I am making my own protective covers out of felt, color coded too!

(Follow these links to see old posts of mine with more photos: HERE and HERE)

Have you ever heard of Reminisce Magazine? We/I have gotten it for about 12 years. My brothers and I decided that it was a good idea, because our grandparents would not tell us stories, or show us pictures. It was great because we got to read the magazine and then THEY would pick it up, and tell about some times in their lives!
I don't get it anymore, but you can sign up online for a free e-newsletter (click here), which is better than nothing! =)

Here is an example: Six-day bike races in the 1930s thrilled thousands (click to read/see photos)

A book series I forgot to mention! KIT! The Kit books are set back in 1934, and are a bit far fetched I think, but it is an easy read, and is fun if you are not feeling well! Kit has some really great clothes!I also own this book: "Welcome to Kit's world..."

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