Monday, March 19, 2012

Fun Monday~ 1950's

Tootsie Roll Pops Commercial:

The Adventures of Robin Hood, staring Richard Greene & Archie Duncan (1955–1960), came to us from across the pond~ Every episode has at least one really great liberty/tyranny quote!

(Personally, I don't think that it ran long enough!)

The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1952–1966)
We LOVE this show!!!!

Staring The Ozzie Nelson Family! =)

~Lucille Ball~

In 1948, Lucy took a starring role in the radio comedy "My Favorite Husband", in which she played the scatterbrained wife of a Midwestern banker. In 1950, CBS came knocking with the offer of turning it into a television series. After convincing the network brass to let Desi play her husband and to sign over the rights to and creative control over the series to them, work began on the most popular and universally beloved sitcom of all time. The I love Lucy show ran from 1951-1957.

If you are like my Mom, who always says: I can't stand Lucy....she's so loud, and coniving...! I say to you: try watching one one of the shows from the first season. Start at the beginning if you like (they often build on each other)....Mom likes those first shows~ Lucy is loveable! (I love Ethel/Vivian Vance, too! And her house dresses. Somehow, Ethel & Lucy always make me think of Sarah HH & I...)

This is what we think of when we take Cod liver Oil:

(because Ashley reminded me of the "What's My Line" shows (her post), I thought that I would slip one in mine. Click here: What's My Line? Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball.)

LinkThe Family Nobody Wanted By Helen Doss. This book is the true story of how the Doss family came to be~ it will make you laugh and cry by turns... I love this book, and have read and re-read it!

I found this book on a Downtown shopping day* with Mom and the 4 "W" ladies~ Wilderness Teacher was my souvenir of the outing!

*You know, when you spend all day wandering around a cute downtown (not ours!), sticking your nose into all the shops, and trying to find just the right hole-in-the-wall for lunch? =)

1950's FORD Commercial:

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