Saturday, March 31, 2012

Matinee Saturday~ 1960's

Cary Grant & Audrey Hepburn, Charade~ 1963
Would you like to scare yourself? Assuming you aren't hard to scare, you should watch Charade! =)

Rex Harrison & Audrey Hepburn, My Fair Lady~ 1964
Click here to listen to my favorite song! =) In the last few years we have celebrated Eliza Doolittle day, the 20th of May. See photos from 2010, here...and 2011, here.

Dick Van Dyke & Julie Andrews, Mary Poppins~ 1964
Don't we all love Mary & Burt?! Growing up we rarely watched movies, but we did have about 7 that we watched over and over and over again. (They were Puss & Boots-1988, Mary Poppins-1964, Errol Flynn's Robin Hood-1938, Old Yeller-1957, Lassie Come Home-1943, Rascal-1969, Swiss Family Robinson-1960)

Dean Jones & Yvette Mimieux, Monkeys Go Home!~ 1967
I really like this one~ I laugh every time I watch it! =)

I watched this movie Good Morning Vietnam for the first time ever this week (with a filter, for language). This movie came out in 1987, and is set in 1965 Saigon, South Vietnam...

I found this a rather depressing movie, but it was interesting. In it, Robin Williams plays a DJ, for the US Military radio station. Williams did a wonderful job~ that man is so talented...he can really make you feel all the pain/joy/sorrow/wonder in any story (movie) he plays in. I just wish his mouth was cleaner...

One last thought~
I LOVE the music in the Magnificent Seven (1960):

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