Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashionable Friday~ 1960's

(embedded videos today!)
Like last week, I just did a photo search and "ran around" snatching photos of clothes & stuff I liked. If you click on the words above each photo they will take you to the source. (note: I did not really read the sites & posts...)

I would have to wonder if of all the decades I've posted about (or maybe even in the whole last century), the 1960's had the most dramatic changes in the fashion industry.

Dressing Vintage(click for more views) brings you this lovely little number:
"You will love the neutral pale beige tone of this pretty vintage Carlye 60's dress! The knife pleated skirt falls from the drop waist and the bodice was created from lace, ribbon applique and pearls & rhinestones! Ethereal beauty!"

Want to dry your hair in just 22 minutes? Try one of these:


This apparently is one of those modern new "life-like" mannequins....kind of looks like Laura Petrie, doesn't she?

This one just makes me want to laugh! PETA now recommends walking your Turkeys, no less than 5 hours per day. Using a leash is recommended, if you wish to keep your pet safe. (Especially when hunting season is open...) And if you wear a kind of crazy dress at the same time, your photo could end up on the front page of the newspaper.

(I'll bet you can guess which pictures I saved this one for!)

Use a clothes dryer & make it a GAS dryer:


Helen Uffner Vintage Clothing:
(she's got some fun stuff...I kind of like this dress, but it would be better in other colors...)

This "Vintage Horse Head Clothing Brush" is available to purchase on Etsy- (click here):

Paris, 1962:


Fergie wanted to be in this photo, with my Pretty Yellow Hat that Sarah H. got me for my birthday a few back....I guess that it's a '60s hat. (The wide yellow ribbon is the best: it's velvet!)

Photo slideshow of 1960's sewing patterns:

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