Saturday, March 03, 2012

My "weekend" day 3:

My new birthday apron~ handing from the pantry door...just waiting.

Homemade Chicken Enchiladas for dinner~ Dad even butchered the roosters!
(I know, it's not on my diet, but it was good!)

Apron in action...putting away the leftovers.
(yes, I have a hot pink bow on my ponytail- to celebrate the fact that I am NOT old. Besides, Sally Rogers (Rose Marie), from The Dick Van Dyke Show ALWAYS or almost always, wore a bow in her hair!)

...did I ever tell you that I like polka-dots?
My green blouse matches the green candles & frosting so well! =)
(and the green wall...)

My birthday bouquet~ isn't it happy?

Strawberry & Peach "Ice Cream"
I just blended the (partially thawed) Fruit, added a little (really not much) Kefir, a glug of Rice bran oil, an Egg, a bit of Sugar, some Stevia, and just a touch of Orange extract, to be exact. Then I just dumped it in a tub, and tossed it in the freezer, bringing it out occasionally to scrape it off the sides, and stir it up. And taste it. =)

(Andrew D. came by to talk wood working with Dad, and was visiting with Benjamin, and we said would you like to stay for dessert & a movie? He said sure! Nice to have you Andrew.)

We watched "Despicable Me", it was really cute....and I loved the little girls! =)

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