Tuesday, May 01, 2012

1930's Children's food Ads~

  Isn't this baby a DOLL?!?!  =)  ...I wonder if Rachel & Jack's baby will be like this...
(Their baby was born Sunday night- Anna Joy, she was 8lb 8oz!)

 We used to eat Cream of Wheat from time to time...Most of the time we made our own (hand cracked) Multi-Grain Hot Cereal, or ate Oatmeal, or Eggs & Toast...or Homemade Granola...that was the best. Sunday's were Pancake morning, and on very special occasions (maybe a few times a year) Mom made French Toast!

  I think that we originally ate Jiffy, then Peter Pan (that's what Sam's sold), and then we ate Store Brand & the Ultra-Healthy EastWind. When we started shopping at Costco, we bought their brand of Organic~ it was really good! Until they changed the recipe...and it was okay (still better than EastWind!), but they changed to Non-Organic...we don't see a reason to buy that! 
 So, now we just buy a little from the store when we want it...
Organic for eating, and cheap non-organic for baking.  
But really we are trying to eat Almond Butter instead. =]

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