Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Snowflakes round 2

Please note: I started this post at the end of December, as a part 2 (part 1) showing the rest of our First Day of Winter Party/crafting & decorating for the winter season...sorry that it has taken so long to finish the post! =]   ...better late than never, right?
Crocheted Snowflakes~

 (Red Heart Shimmer yarn is mostly what I used, I had a 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby)

Anneliese's blog: Aesthetic Nest is one of the blogs I follow, well actually I am subscribed~ it comes right into my inbox! (you can subscribe to my blog too, you know...and you would be anonymous- blogger does not tell me who is subscribed...)
Click here for the instructions...And then Anneliese made them with twine too: Here

 I made a little how-to video, you can watch it here: (click here)
(I was not very loud...be sure that your volume is turned up!)

While we were out shopping on December 26th, we met my grandparents & Uncle for lunch. While we were at Panera Bread, I was crocheting snowflakes, and the nice lady in the booth catty-corner from us was interested in what I was doing! She really made my day~ I knelt in the aisle, gave her my set of printed instructions (& my e-mail address), and showed her how to do it! She mentioned how she crocheted the little green wreaths, and I said that my Great-Grandma used to make those, and she said "MY Grandma used to make them! That's why I do!". Mrs. Griggs did e-mail me, and I replied...I wonder if I've found a new friend, or if we just touched each others lives in passing. =)

Embedded here is Harry Nilsson's "The Puppy Song" :

The rest of the decor:

LED lights strung across the living room, with both kinds of snowflakes hanging off them~

LED lights around the window, with paper snowflakes in the window~

We buy our lights and other decore on clearance after the holidays.
It's more fun that way, and the dollars go MUCH further!

We like snowmen, can you tell?  They are so happy and jolly and fun!

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