Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Crafty Tuesday~ 1970's

Who all has this book, "Indian Crafts and Lore"? It came out in 1972.
We did, we would pour over it for hours~ again it was a "hand-me-down" from my Great-grandmother.

When we first moved to East Texas, we got to go to our very first "Pilgrim Day". It was put together by the homeschool group, and usually at the same family's house. We helped Dad & Mom make our costumes the night before, and this was what we copied for mine, right down to the blue flowers painted on the back, and the fringe and tassels!

(Don't you hate it when Google decides that your photo(s) HAVE to be posted wrong!)
We loved plotting out face painting procedures and designs....although we never did any of them.

Someone gave us one of these craft panels, I got the Chicks and Benjamin got the Hen. I put a bell in each chick, and gave them to 3 deserving babies in church at the time!

I never watched "Pete's Dragon", but I love this song:

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