Friday, April 06, 2012

Fashionable Friday~ 1970's

~(Song links & embedded videos today!)~
FYI: This post is like my 281st post,
so that makes my 300th post just around the corner!
In honor of my 300th post I'll be hosting some giveaways, and I (so far) don't mind shipping overseas, assuming that the shipping won't break the bank! =)
Stay tuned!!!!

The following 2 hairdo pictures and ad came from

This little lady looks so charming~

She's cute! =)
In the 1976-1981 TV show, Charlie's Angels, the "Angels" are (women) they have lots of great hair & clothes, etc... I would not recommend this show for children, but I think that it's fun to watch once in a while! =)

Do you ever wonder what you would look like with a really different hair do? ...thinking of me with an afro makes me just crack up! =) It's not that I particularly like the Jackson 5, I liked their hair, here are a couple of songs: "I'll Be There" and "Frosty The Snowman".

I think that we would all agree that this is a good cause to wear a watch:

I love lip-gloss~ how about you? Max Factor:

The next 3 photos came from

Sometime I'd like a similarly easy going, pulled together set. Not these colors though! =)

I'd like one of each of these, thank you.

I like this blue dress with the short jacket! =)

We used to use the "Spray&Wash" stain stick, but now I like Life Tree's "Home Soap" better:

Need some new boots? Take your pick! (I think that I prefer the brown lace-up.)

1970's Johnsons Shampoo:


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