Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eliza Doolittle Day, 2012

Our 3rd annual Eliza Doolittle Day Celebration
 was Monday, May 21st (I know, it was a day late!).

Will I ever stop climbing up on the counters & cabinets? 
(I do seem to have the habit of going after dishes after company arrives...and getting caught on camera...)

 (I was going to be "Lucy" (I Love Lucy), but I ended up just wearing "Church clothes" & a fancy hat.)

We know that Eliza had a soft spot for Strawberry Tarts, but we decided that Strawberry Shortcake would be good this year! 

Hello Ladies! =) 

The invitation stated: Hats are necessary, dressing up/costumes are optional.~If you don't wear a hat, you will be at our mercy... =O  (Everyone wore a hat!)

The Hunters brought meatballs, the Davis girls brought cookies, Mom provided homemade cheese, strawberries and cream & celery, and I added chocolate & shortcake! (and peppermint tea: here)

We know that Chocolates are VERY important to Miss. Doolittle, so I made 2 kinds!  Click here for the recipe.

 Pretty cheese! =) 

After eating and visiting, we adjourned to the living room where we voted & watched 2 scenes from MFL: Just You Wait & The Ball! 

 How kind of you to let me come! =)

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