Monday, July 23, 2012

Little Kids 1

These were taken last Saturday...I was at a friend's house, helping baby-sit some children: church friends mostly, and our neighbor's cousins.

(I may have had these on my head before the girls did...)

M. Mittens:

We went Blueberry picking too...can you imagine it?
5 families represented, made 4 "families".
23 people: 17 children & 6 adults (1 Dad, 5 big kids).
Only 2 strollers & 3 vehicles.  ...I'm not sure if we were "street legal", it's a good thing that the Berry Farm is only around the corner! =)

K. Buttons:

The reason that I only have these 2 photos, is because I was just too busy, and at the last minute I thought "OH NO! I forgot to take pictures!!!"  =)

......all's well that ends well.
                  .....what do you think, Sarah~ should we go to the Zoo next time?

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Sarah Hale said...

Sure. We did that, we can do anything!