Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Fall is in the air~

You are probably thinking, "Come on Adrienne~ you live in Texas, how can you tell at the Beginning of September, that fall is in the air?"

I know that fall is in the air, because:
1.  There are many fewer crazy kids in the stores.          
2.  I have started to turn off my ceiling fan at night.
3.  I'm catching a shiver after my morning shower.
(I know that I am sitting here, writing this in short sleeves...)

I also want to be creative...I'd like to make something Fall-ish and Fun...these are not what I have in mind, but they do look like fun!  =)

Pressed Leaf Butterflies (click here):

 Apple Coasters (click here):
   (Or click here for cute Citrus Coasters!)

 I'll bet that these would be a lot of fun to make (click here):

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