Thursday, September 06, 2012

ModCloth & Salt-Water Sandals

My very first purchase from ModCloth came today!

ModCloth has vintage things, and new clothes that have a "vintage feel" and shoes! 

 I ordered Salt-Water sandals in white. They had green, red, yellow & brown, but all they have left is blue (blue cost more- click here). They were on clearance for $12 and the shipping was only $4! =)

 Salt-Water Sandals have been in the sandal-making business for 60 years~

The best things about them?
1.  Leather uppers- they are soft and comfortable. (And the clasp is rust-resistant!)
2. The soles are hard, and click like little kid shoes.  =)
3. They are water-resistant.
4. They are classic and retro, and they should last for years! =)
5. Last but not least, the price was really good!

The sad thing?
1. No arch support. =(
2. Made in China. =(

I got to wear them for the first time (April 2013), and they are so nice- they fit well, and the leather uppers are SO comfortable! The only down side is that because they are flat, they make you walk like a duck! =)

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