Saturday, September 08, 2012

What does it take to make a party?

~First week:
1.  Send a whole bunch of sneaky invitations.

~Second week day 1:
2.  Shop for ingredients & make 3 kinds of Cooky dough, using real butter, of course! (and wash the dishes)
     Panic thinking that you don't have enough Cookies, so you ask a friend to make some    too....

~Second week, day 2:
3.  Scrub 14 rather dirty lawn chairs, 1 table, 2 benches. (& maybe your Mom's car)

4.  Eat a Popsicle, fall on the floor, red, exhausted, and hot...wondering how many people are coming anyway...invite some more, just in case....

5.  Bake most of the cookies:
         68 Peanut Butter Cookies
         49 Chocolate Chip Cookies
                          (and wash the dishes) 

6.  Clean at least some of the house.

~Second week, day 3:
7.  Bake 69  Oatmeal Cookies (Dad's favorite!)
         (recipe here- the only changes we made were, only bake one pan at a time, and  when you turn them halfway, bang the pan so they fall!)

8.  Clean some more of the house!
9.  Sew up some "Cornhole" bags:

Dad made a "Cornhole" board...we had never played, but Joshua told us about playing it in Korea.  (get info here)

  "These are our pet Flamingos, their name's are....."

Mr. Bee's fancy throw:

"This will be easy...

...maybe not...that was bad!"

Charlie tried his hand too- Hey Charlie! You are throwing the wrong way!

 Charlie liked the ducks!

 One of Dad's famous "Hey- taste this!"  Purslane!

Sorry that we did not get pictures of everyone that came....We all had fun, and Dad had a Happy Early Birthday! =)   Thank you for coming!  =)

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