Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Glass Pendants

All these pendants are unique, and made with glass beads, and "silver tone" wire.   $3 are welcome. =) 
(not intended for smaller or irresponsible people)

"Together Forever"...I made it just for fun, but you know those Pea Pod pendants? This makes me think of a modern variation.

(PSST....Esther! This matches the bracelet that I gave you...)


"Autumn Vegetable"  ....makes me smile...kind of whimsical!
            (SOLD!  Thank you, Jennifer!)



"Last Summer Flower"...strung on a ribbon would be nice. 


"Pine Cones"....

 ....I think that these guys would also look good (or maybe better) on a cord,
instead of a chain.



...may look better on a cord, but I don't have one to show you.


"Fall Cameo", pendant...

....and broach...are not for sale, because the paint (I did not realize that they where painted), is coming off the more I worked with them.  (Sad news for you, but happy for me!)

"Frost is on the Petal".... made up of bronze, black & frost.

 (I can see this on a cord of some kind too...leather? Satin?)



Anonymous said...

Adrienne - these are Beautiful!! I am going to order some later - have to go somewhere right now, but WILL be ordering! Love,Mrs Bee

Anonymous said...

I really like Autumn Vegetable!! Can I buy one? =).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! I still say you should start an Etsy shop. :) ~Mary