Friday, October 26, 2012

Sophie goes to Austin

Ever seen the French movie "Amélie"?  That is where I got the idea for this post.  Amélie kidnapped her Dad's garden gnome and sent him on trips with a flight attendant she met...and the flight attendant sent Amélie's Dad photos of the gnome.... 
(Tell me if you wish to watch this movie, and I will tell you my is very French.)

Remember what Sophie told you on Monday?
(read THIS to see how Sophie came to be)

 Mom, Grandma, Sophie and I went to Austin for Mom's birthday...we spent Monday night with P & G, took the Megabus Tuesday at 6:30 and got back at 9pm. We spent another night for the fun of it, and came home on Wednesday!  I think that I'd do it again!
(but next time I would want an even number of people...not an odd number)

Sophie squeaked with joy when she saw the Ron Paul billboard!

I'm sorry that this is a long post, but Sophie wanted her picture taken everywhere we went, so she could show Gus, Charlie & Olivia!

Above: in Dallas.     Below: at Papa & Grandma's house.

Above: All aboard!    
Below: The Megabus is a double-decker bus, and on the way down we sat in the top front window!  The bus was very clean, (Grandma said that the restrooms were clean), and the driver was great (all the employees were nice and friendly)!

Above & Below: Settling in for the ride.

Above: Our Exit is coming! 
(we did not know that APD had a cavalry...Soph wanted to know why.)
  Below: On firm ground at last.

Above: A lot of firsts for me- I haven't experienced a city bus since I was 5ish on a field trip...just trains, trollies & the DC metro. Just $2 for an all-day ticket!
 Below: Breakfast @ Bakerman's Bakery   
(We had quiche- it was lacking in salt...great music though!)

Above: The Hatbox- one of 2 hat shops we stuck our noses in.
 Below: Eco-Wise- fun little place- they had building supplies, home goods, gardening stuff, toys & more..Sophie had fun! (I believe that they were more like minded than most people)

(Sophie wanted to know why her siblings are trapped in their boxes...)

Above: Jalinda told us that we should stop at Big Top Candy Shop.
I got a orange Safe-T-Pop & 2 small Chick-O-Sticks.
  Below: We found this tiny little health food some gifts & water.

Above: I got a tin sheriff's pin- it was new, but looked like a prize from old time Cracker Jacks or cereal box.
 Below:  We did a bit of shopping at the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store...I got this CUTE skirt for 1/2 price- $1.85...Sophie approved!

Lunch @ hopdoddys! I could not help thinking about Antonio, Sarah & Michael and our other 10A friends...
Mom and I shared the "Buffalo Bill", fries, cranberry Kombucha & a pumpkin milkshake...  
(Eat there if you can- good meat & fresh, homemade food- one just opened in Dallas)

 Below: Waiting for our bus to come.

Above: We wanted to stop by Brave New Books & the LP to say hi to Heather, but they were not open. =(   
 Below: (at Costco) Sophie wanted to know how she could get such a fun job!

 That's all folks!

Question: Should Sophie go on more trips?



Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Sophie should definitely go on more trips! :) How very fun!


McKee Family said...

I'm glad I insisted on the Costco/Carousel photo and caption!!! Aren't you glad you went back to the car to get Sophie!?!?

Grandma squawked after the first few photos of Sophie were taken on the trip, but we ignored her and were determined to have our fun! =)

Life is too short to worry about what other people think when we are having some good, clean fun!

Who knows, maybe a children's book can come from some of our ideas?!?!?