Friday, October 04, 2013

We had a visitor~


My friend E came for long visit~ so far we have watched "Sarah Plain and Tall" & "Skylark", played "Clue" & "Missionary Conquest", cut out and sewed skirts, did a little shopping at Jo-Ann, and talked! =)


E and I are working on some of her sewing projects- 2 skirts almost done so far!
They still need hemming. =)
(I must admit, I could not help thinking of Marilla sewing for Anne of GG) 

I love this fabric- I think that I'll have to make a skirt out of this for me.
(I'm not sure of the fabric content, and I did not pre-wash it...I'm afraid that it will be a Hand-wash COLD & line dry /OR/ Dry Clean Only skirt....sorry, E!)



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