Saturday, August 30, 2014

Parker Cousins

 When you visit your cousins....
...start the morning with a tickle fight....
 ....and hug your cousins....

....and play tops with the baby (she LOVED the tops that Dad made, and was SO cute toddling around with one in each hand!)!

Go for a hike....
...photograph the flowers....
 ...and baby Liorah!

Help with dinner to earn your keep (aren't the peppers pretty?)!
And don't forget to take some nice organized photos too!  (I'm sad to say that after getting home and looking at the photos we took, we realized that we did not get a single photo of ALL the girls! It's SO sad~ sorry Jodi!)
Mom and Russ....
....all the cousins!

Kayson, Me & Joshua....playing with Kinetic Sand (here) and "pencil pod racing"!  (we also played ping-pong)

 Sophie's new friends =)  
 (How do you like that cute dress I made? It was so easy, I glad that it fits so well!)

 You should have seen the boy I caught....he was THIS BIG!

(isn't it crazy how Joshua looks like a rounder faced version of his cousin, my Uncle Matt)

Thanks for letting us interrupt your lives for a while....I hope that we are friends forever!


Anonymous said...

I love these! And the narrative, too!


Anonymous said...

Jodi, you have such a beautiful family!