Wednesday, August 02, 2017

DIY: Mei Tai baby carrier

Summer sewing: 

I sewed my own Mei Tai baby carrier.

I figured that I should own my own-- you know, so I can be a better baby sitter! =D  

I got the plans from Suzanne over at "Beau Baby" ...the grey twill was free, I don't remember who gave it to us- thank you whoever you are!

(Thank you Trinity, for being my little model.)

 Changes made:

~I added 2" to the length of the body panel- but I guess that I did not really need to do that.

~Sewed it inside out so it would be reversible (kind of like the tutorial HERE).  But I attached the body to the waist, and the waist ties to the waist band like you would assemble a there are no raw edges, and it is completely reversible.

~I did not stuff the shoulder straps, and I don't think that I'd like them stuffed- wouldn't it be hot???

~ I widened the shoulder straps 1", but next time would widen them 2"-4"

~For the waist band padding, I used 4 layers of fleece- 4"x30"


Brittany P said...

Stuffed shoulder straps are wonderful to keep the straps more comfy when you're wearing a heavy baby for hours. But unstuffed work fine too!

Unknown said...

Really cute Adrienne...nice might want stuffing with a heavier pads your shoulders. I remember baby carrier straps pressing down on my shoulders when the baby was in a long time...if that were the case, you could always make a sheepskin slider piece to snap on and slide up to your shoulders when it is hot!!