Thursday, November 22, 2012

Junior Mint Turkeys

 Our Thanksgiving Dinner/Party is going to be on Friday this year, so I had time to make these cuties on Thursday!  (you may remember I made these guys the first time in 2007)

These are what I traced for my Turkey bodies:

You need 8-10 "feathers", 1 large body, 1 medum body, 1 small head, 1 heart for a wattle, 
1 small fat triangle beak, and 2 googly eyes....


....and 1 paper wrapped box of candy or raisins. If you do it right, the box can be slipped out without hurting the Turkey.  (note: If you use Junior Mints, cutting the paper long ways will give you the right amount for 2 boxes)

Organize your cutouts, and begin assembling!  
I used 2 kinds of glue- I used a glue stick for almost all the paper, 
and school glue to: 
1. glue the paper wrap, 2. glue the turkey to the box, and 3. to glue on the googly eyes.


1.  Cut everything out
2.  Glue paper box wrappers
3.  Glue the Turkeys (except not the eyes), &  lay them under something to dry flat, not curly!
4.  Glue the Turkeys to their boxes, lay turkey side down, and put something heavyish on top, so they stick well.  I used our get the idea!
5.  Glue on the eyes, lay them flat (see below) to dry~ don't worry if one eye is cockeyed, after they are dry, you can just give them a thump, to fix the problem!

They left the house at half past nine, and the smallest one was Madeline....

Sophie says "I love my new friends! Can we keep them all?" Sophie, they need to go live in their own homes...their new people will want them!

(this picture is from '07)

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