Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sewing a Bias Tape Waistband on a Skirt with a Zipper

This post was requested by a SONP* attendie, and I am sorry that it has taken me SO long  to get around to finishing the skirt and posting about it!

(you can find my Zipper posts here)

After constructing the skirt, and inserting the zipper, choose the bias tape.  Whatever kind you like- wide or narrow, single or double fold, homemade or store bought, and any color (because it will not show).
  I have used all kinds, but for this skirt, I chose some homemade single fold that was leftover from a butcher apron we made Grandma awhile back.

This really is very easy, and I'll do my best to not make it look hard!
First  unzip the zipper, and hold the tape and skirt "right sides" together, being sure to let the tape hang over the zipper edge, an inch or more (you can trim it later if you need to).

You want to open and place the top edge of the bias tape even with the top of the skirt waist. Pin. More pins is always better than fewer.  =)

Stitch in the "ditch" or fold line.  Remember to back-tack!

Next, turn the skirt inside out, and fold the tape up, and fold in the tail....

...and then fold the whole thing over to the inside of the skirt. (be sure to inclose the raw edges of the skirt)

Make sure that you cannot see it from the "right side":

I prefer to pin and sew on the "right side", but you should do what you feel comfortable with.

The ends should slant/come in away from the zipper, so as not to crowd the zipper. (it is also good to zip the zipper now, before you sew the waist, just to make sure everything lines up properly)

Unzip before you start sewing!  I like to start and stop promptly at the zipper seam, and that is easier to do from the top.


Sew, sew, sew along~ gently down the seam! Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream! =)

If you don't zip it to make sure it is lined up before you sew, it may not match...but that is not tragic~ who's gonna see it anyway?

Sew long y'all! =)

This photo is the explanation of why the skirt had so many cat hairs...Fergie sat on me!
* SNOP stands for Summer Of No Pants, and it is hosted by:


The Davies Family said...

VERY CUTE! I love how you refashioned the jumper! Thank you for this post! I had been checking back for it. Now I cannot wait to try it out! You make it look so easy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks so much better! The "Before" looks kind of frumpy and dated and the "After" has such a clean, modern silhouette. Love it! ~Marigold