Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Summer Of No Pants* 2015 ~ post #7

(I know that Summer is over, sorry I'm late in finishing this dress!)

New pattern, old fabric, new house dress~

Mom gave me this Green Bee pattern (HERE) -for " the Amelia dress" (you can get a dress kit from Craftsy HERE...they actually have more than this one to choose from)  

Not sure what I think about this pattern, but I really, really want to like it!

1) You have to trace it, and use the copies- not something that I'm used to.
2) The instructions are very short, and you have to read their mind in a few places.  It's like it cost too much to print much text.
3) I'll have to make another to really know... =)

This dress is entirely cut on the bias. and the fabric came from our friend Lisa...well, actually from Lisa's friend Marge's estate sale. =) It was a long & narrow length of cotton print- really old, but I'm not sure what time period, but it was found in the 1960's "time capsule" boxes in the garage. =)  It was really nice to work with.

I accidentally sewed the zipper in UPSIDE DOWN (!)- please don't ask how I did it...I have NO idea!
Turns out I really liked it- went in smoothly, and the feeddogs had a much easier time with the cotton dress fabric than they ever do with the zipper tape!  No weird bubbles or pinches!  =)

*SONP not is officially happening this year, but I like to sew, and wear cute dresses & skirts anyway, so I'll just do my own thing....(Summer of No Pants is a Google+ group, and anyone can join & post at anytime.)

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