Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Little Girl's Tea Party part 1

Happiness is...your Grandmama's shoe box full of Old Fashioned Gelatin Molds. Some were hers and some came from Jack Finney's estate sale. =)

On Tuesday I hauled down an inordinate number of dishes and made the Jello. (This is the first party that I did not make all the food- I delegated some of it.)

Cream JELL-O
 After chilling, the cream will cause the jello to look layered.

1.  Stir to dissolve One box of "jello" (4 servings) in 1 cup Boiling Water.
2.  In a liquid measuring cup, place 1/4 - 1/3 cup Cream, a bunch of Ice Cubes, and then cool Water, UP TO 3/4 - 1 cup total.
3.  Add the cold to the hot, stir to melt the ice cubes.

  This amount will make 4 half-cup servings, or you make more than one box, you can pour it into a "Pammed" square or rectangle pan.

(I almost never use name-brand gelatin. Off brand tastes the same, I think.)

I made 8 Strawberry Cream and 4 Orange Cream.

The non-jello eaters had Tinned Pineapple. I divided 16oz of chunk pineapple into 5 pressed glass cups from my Aunt Vivi. (The 4 pretty pressed glass cups above came from Aunt Bess...can you guess what I would love to have from my other Aunts?)

(I know that the jello never sits right, but I think that it is prettier in pressed glass, and having  a handle is easier for little people.)

I cut slits in the place cards, and tied little bows on them. (I thought that I would go cross-eyed!)

A pile of supplies & party favors...16 were expected!

I thought that I was clever- I used a bit of masking tape to hold one end of the cord on the plate, so the bead stringing would go more smoothly....

What do you think?  I drew a map of who sits where (I always do that), and laid out who got which dishes (this is new)...

...Then I cleared them off very carefully, and left them on the counter (this is new for me too), awaiting the party.

(click here for LGTP part 2)

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