Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cat Years

 Edit: Sad news: My boy RIP, Fergus Antonio "Fergie" died May 4th, 2020. ๐Ÿ˜ž 
He was just about to turn 21, this summer...
 One thing that comes up (more often than I'd like to think) is "How old is Fergie?". Why can't I (or Mom) ever remember? ...well, it was in November...Angus was young...1999!  So, long story short, Fergie is 13 and a half.  

 He is a good example of how people should take care of themselves, eat right, and only use the Medical system for trauma care. Ferg is so healthy, I can't wait to see how long he lasts! (in the event that you forgot, or did not know it, Fergie is an "indoor/outdoor" cat, and proud of it! =)

I found these cat age calculators online- fun, don't you think?
Cat Age     Human Age
6 months     15 years
1 year           24 years
2 years         28 years
3 years         32 years
4 years         36 years
5 years         40 years
6 years         44 years
7 years         48 years
8 years         52 years
9 years         56 years
10 years       60 years
11 years       64 years
12 years       68 years
13 years       72 years
14 years       76 years
15 years       80 years
16 years       84 years
17 years       88 years
18 years       92 years
19 years       96 years
20 years       100 years

The story of how we got Fergie:  Mom and Benjamin were out for his birthday and unbeknownst to mom she was coming down with something nasty like the flu.  He talked her into getting this pet shop "barn kitten" to replace our beloved Siamese who lived 17 years and died of a broken heart when we got Angus!   So here we were with a kitten, pulled too green and had to be given milk, who came with a bonus surprise of fleas and mom was SICK in bed.  What an experience!  

 Iodine fixes everything- even for humans- got bit or scratched by a cat, dog, or other animal or insect? Put iodine on it- regularly. You won't get infected! =)

Eat right!  Most of his life Fergie ate what he caught (and he was a mighty hunter!), and for most of his life was supplemented with Wysong (info here)Cat or Dog food (mostly dog food- easier for him to eat/less waste - and we bought it for Angus anyway)  We purchase it from Herb Mart in the DFW metroplex.

Dad says that he does not like cats...I think that he just does not like other people's cats... =)

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