Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Anniversary Dinner Party

 I think that when your parents have an Anniversary, you should celebrate!
(especially if it's their 31st, and you did not do much on their 30th....)

1) Invite some friends (be told that you can't invite every couple in church)
2) Plan to be the maid/waitress
3) Find the recipes/plan the menu/shop (with help)
4) String some Party Lights inside (with help)
5) Make a fun Playlist (with help)  (play it on shuffle here!)
6) Cook  (with help)
7) I printed Drink Lists, because I did not want to have to rattle off the list to each of the 6 guests multiple times..you know how that can be?  It worked really well!  =)
8) We got to use MY dishes for the first time!

(recipe & comments are below)


I can't say that these cookies tasted like Raspberry, but they were pink, and they have a nice ingredient list, and they did taste good...I really like the Chobani Lime yogurt, too!

Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Casserole (found here)

We followed some of the tweaking that the commenters suggested:
1) Mix 1/2 tea. each: Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Chili Powder, Cumin Powder in the S. Cream
2) Chopped the chicken (1/4 of a large bird), and mixed it into the S. Cream, too
3) Cut the tortillas in quarters after letting them dry a bit in the oven

Our comments:  
~Warning: compare the ingredient list on the Green chile enchilada sauce- most have MSG~

It was a mess to make, it was ugly (looked nothing like the photo, so I did not take a picture of mine, I thought that it was good- Mom did not, used a bit more cheese- it could have used more....Will I make this recipe again? Probably not, but I'll save it for just in case! =)

Sad news...I forgot to take photos of the guests and even of my folks...sigh....

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McKee Family said...

Thank you, Sweetie!!!! We are very blessed!!!!

Love you bunches!!!