Monday, November 11, 2013

Wax Lips

Question: Do you have a Wax Lips Memory?

My very early (& only) memory of Wax Lips involves my Aunt Stefie....I don't remember if she brought them with her when she came to visit, or if we already had them, but I remember some red ones and a yellow pair, too and that there were not enough to go around, so we had to take turns, and she & Mom had great fun kissing us...I remember my Aunt tipping my brothers backwards! (I also remember NOT liking the taste of the wax lips!!!)

...I could swear that there were photos taken, but I can't find them! =(


Anonymous said...

They sold them in the Candy section, so we little kids spent our dimes to buy them. Then, after we played with them, we had to act like we enjoyed chewing wax, because, hey, it's CANDY!
~Mrs. Manney

McKee Family said...

Exactly, Beverly!!! Don't forget wax bottles!

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten about wax bottles. I wonder just what nasty concoction of who-knows-what made up the liquid in those. When I was growing up, they used to sell transparent suckers of different colors that looked like corn cobs that the manufacturer would put nickels or dimes in. If you held them up to the light at the store, you could see if the sucker had any money in it. Then you just licked on it until you got to the coin. Back then, they credited a kid with enough smarts not to swallow the coin. But that sure wouldn't pass muster these days.
~Mrs. Manney