Friday, July 25, 2014

Food on Friday: homemade Quesadillas.....

....With a Quesadilla maker~   that was a first!

 To start things off, I fried up 1/2 an onion (in butter of course). Then I fried up 20 thin slices of ham lunch meat in MORE butter....that added to cheese was the filling. (the pic below was for one)

Each quesadilla had 10 slices of lunch meat, 1/4 onion, plus cheese!  (My Uncle Clint said that I over-filled them, but I think that it was fine...I just had to get help opening the gizmo to get that baby out!)

 This gizmo snaps shut, and sort-of crimps the outside edges shut, so there is very little leakage, and it makes sealed lines on which to cut.   2 quesadillas plus a side dish of beans & cheese fed four adults.

 While it was fun to use, I don't know that I would ever want to own one myself.  If you want, you can buy your own Quesadilla cooker HERE.

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